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Berriault & Associates deliver consulting services with a specialization in showing companies how to evolve their agile environments, process improvement, and quality assurance. Jeremy, the founder of Berriault & Associates departed from the corporate limitations to explore new heights of consultation which reach exceptional value. Berriault & Associates delivers over 60 years of experience, is adaptable to the various Agile frameworks, simplifies complexities with ease, and ensures that every client’s needs are met with a passionate dedication to reach success. Berriault & Associates knows how to build the right strategic relationships to tear down silos and manifest a synergy throughout the organization.

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Build The Right Strategic
Relationships To Tear Down

Agile Evolution And Transformation

Faster feedback turnaround, more rapid deployment of changes and higher quality of code are just a few reasons organizations want to transform.

QA Strategy Consultations

Quality Assurance has the potential to reach beyond the perceived view of “Testing.” Organizations that have recognized the value it has much more success with clients.

Product Management

Product Management is integral for an organization to be successful with current and future clients. Having a connection with all the stakeholders from Sales.

Process Improvement

We are in an era where if an organization is not purposely trying to improve things, it will be left far behind the competition and lose market share.

Management Consulting

Helping leadership with issues where another set of eyes is needed to help guide them through. We ensure we understand the problem and research all available solutions.

Software Development

Berriault and Associates Consulting group, in partnership with Hebronsoft, are able to help you with your software development needs to bring your product from idea to market.

Training Academy

Our Experience, Determination
And Views On Ensuring
Everyone Achieves

All our training options come with one-on-one calls.
The Berriault Agile Roadmap System© (B.A.R.S) includes one-on-one calls and group workshops to ensure you get the full value of creating a roadmap to take your team’s agile delivery to the next level.

Our Introduction to Agile Performance Holarchy© Course is now online and includes 6 one-on-one coaching/Strategy calls. More courses are being produced as we speak. Schedule an Information Call to determine the best learning and coaching path to fit your needs.

These courses and programs are available self-paced online, live in person, or live virtual.
For more information book a call now.


Happy Clients

Jeremy was great to work with. He quickly developed a knowledge of the tool, he was responsive to the customer’s needs, and his response time was fast. His deliverables were organized and tailored to the requested products. I hope we have the opportunity to work with him again in the future

Jessica Moore

Director of Global Alliances, Inflectra Corporation

His “get it done” attitude allowed multiple key initiatives to be completed efficiently and quickly. Jeremy also redesigned our product delivery processes, giving us a more streamlined release cadence. He’s truly a gifted executed level leader and mentor to those he works with.

Dar Griffeth

Former of President, Pulse Systems now Senior Director or Business Engagement at McKesson

Jeremy is a dynamic and knowledgeable leader whom I have worked with for the past year. He brings out true agile behaviors and actions in the organizations and teams he works with, driving improvements in productivity and collaboration. His customized approach to agile really sets him apart, as he understands how to best deliver value by drawing on the principles, best practices, and framework elements that support the goals and objectives of the organization. I’m thrilled to have worked with Jeremy and tightly recommend him.

Aaron Finkenzeller

Chief Technology Officer at interval

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