2020 was not the year of the Rat, it was the year of Murphy

by | Dec 18, 2020

Normally I would have another two blog posts, at least, before the end of the year. The calendar is set up, and some much-needed rest from an exciting year makes sense that a break is needed.

To say that it was an interesting year is an understatement. It seems that 2020 was not the year of the Rat; it was the year of Murphy. Anything that could go wrong happened. It seemed that The Onion wrote this year. The rollercoaster ride that was this year has pushed organizations to evolve.

Evolution – Any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the airplane.


2020 made organizations hit the accelerator on their evolution. The more agile an organization was, the easier it was to pivot to the market’s drastic changes. Whether it was having employees move to remote work to a complete change in providing products and services to clients, the agility in changing strategies created new and innovative ways to conduct business.

Berriault and Associates and their clients have successfully navigated the 2020 minefield while creating a strong foundation so that 2021 will be a solid year. How did we do it?

The first thing was, we did not panic. We kept to our agile values and worked through the problems. Panic can lead to clouded judgment with decisions being made with potential negative impacts over time.

The second was we used the right mix of tactical and strategic thinking in dealing with the risks at hand. This allowed us to effectively work through the problem, the risks, and the right solution to meet the current demands while keeping future opportunities in mind.

The third was to be agile. Our organization is built on being agile, not doing it. We worked without clients to be the same. They found that with the behaviours and actions exhibited in being agile, they could deal with the issues and risks head-on to solve the problem in a calm environment. Nothing was off the table, and we worked through the solutions that best fit their needs.

The pace of evolution has increased, and keeping that strong, agile foundation is needed more now than ever. Schedule a Breakthrough call to continue the discussion.

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