Agile Assessments Case Study

There are agile assessments out there that focus on ensuring the teams’ are doing agile. This is great if you want to know if they are following the framework. What it doesn’t show and help them is how to be agile.
The 14th Annual State of Agile report showed that only 1 in 20 organizations are considered to be agile. That means from end to end they are being agile.
This webinar will go through an actual assessment done on an organization that went far beyond doing a framework, it went deep into the soul of the organization to see how agile it really was.

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Knowledge and Culture Gap Between Business and Technology

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Agile Transformation Reintroduction Case Study

Not all agile transformations are the same and sometimes when the goals of the transformation are not aligned with being a truly agile environment there will be clashes.
There are three possible solutions:
1 – Say that the work environment is not conducive to agile, give up and go back to the old way of doing work.
2 – Restart the transformation, yet this time looking at a different framework hoping things will change at the same time creating extending delays to delivery.
3- Continue to get the work done, introduce the right agile behaviors to the teams show improvements and benefits along the way to all stakeholders.
This case study is what happens when option 3 was implemented to a team that went through an agile transformation four months prior to engagement with us and was struggling with the discipline needed to be successful at being agile.
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