We are not interested in changing anything right now with regards to delivery, why should we talk?

Good, neither are we. Many times different firms will try to change the methodology but our role is to focus on what’s already being done and place you at the helm of directing your agile teams to a heightened level of efficiency.

How do you compare to your competition, being a new organization?

With a small team we have over 75 years of experience combined. We assure you that our services are very comparable to known consulting firms, except we go above and beyond by focusing deeply on the people aspect improving value.

We are a service providing business will becoming an agile environment really help?

Yes. It is not just the technology market that is changing exponentially; all other needs are changing at a breakneck pace. Even as recent as the last ten years, the way of doing things is not enough to keep pace with everything. We can help a service organization become more reactive and better understand their market and clients.

We are currently, or will soon, be achieving a certification in an internationally recognized maturity model. Will an evolving agile environment, as described, impact it?

No, it will not. The biggest misconception about agility is that it is free-spirited and has no rules to get the work done. That is furthest from the truth. An agile environment is very disciplined compared to traditional ways of getting the job done. 

It is about behaviours and keeping true to the organization’s agile values.

Jacko Willink, the author of Extreme Ownership, said it best: Discipline is the pathway to freedom.

A disciplined agile environment will lead to a more creative and innovative one. Let us show you how.

Is a Quality Assurance (QA) strategy really needed for an organization?

Yes, it is. The key thing about the strategy is to provide the team and stakeholders transparency and guidance on why the processes are there, how the work is done, and what are the end products come out of the QA effort.

QA is just testing, right?

No. That is a general misconception that most people have about the term. Testing is just a small component of what is involved under the umbrella of QA. A good QA program within an organization can have the potential for improved processes and value.

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