State Of


That is the number of organizations that are considered fully agile based on the 2020 State of Agile report, with approximately 1 in 10 close to achieving enterprise-wide agility.

The idea of agile delivery is older than the introduction of Manifesto for Agile Software Development, and the growth of using agile methods is outside of software development. Marketing, Retail, and Services are just a few industries moving away from traditional management of work to become more adaptable to the increased pace of market changes in today’s world.

The biggest clash in agile organizations is traditional and agile cultures—these clashes were observed by 63% of respondents with the VersionOne study.

Those who do agile don’t focus on “Why” and direct attention to “What,” which is the framework they are using. Organizations will look at getting assessments to find the gaps. They find out the symptoms of what is impeding their maturing agile journey and not the root.

It is the root that creates some of the following findings from the 2020 State of Agile Report:

48% Resistance to change

46% Lack of leadership participation

Those that are doing agile are not going to see the same results as truly agile organizations: a 60% growth in revenue and growth. These organizations are four times more likely to have the right vision and strategy to meet market demands than “doing agile.” Based on the Harvard Business Review Study

What organizations need is an assessment that finds the root and not the symptom. Identify the real gaps so that they are now “Being agile.” When dealing with only the signs, it will temporarily alleviate the pain and will come back to cause stress and frustrations. We have an assessment that gets the information organizations to become like those organizations that flipped the script to “Be Agile.”

Why spend tens of thousands or more on an assessment that will only give a cloudy story of what is going on? Why change frameworks based on that information thinking that it could be better than what is happening now when the issue’s root will only follow.

Get an assessment that can provide more value and is taylored to your organization. Have a clear identification of the real issues at hand that is impeding your organization from evolving their agility and become market drivers. You will get assessment results that when acted on will increase the organization’s value and improve revenue growth while creating organic agility transformation.

This assessment is entirely virtual; there are no site visits needed. The only interruptions are short interviews with a limited number of people, so there is little impact on any deliveries.

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