Get more

Value than you expect

We are not your average Management Consulting company. Our goal with clients is to exceed the expected value.

The more challenging the work, the more we excel. Not only do we focus on the task at hand. We also ensure there is full ownership to all stakeholders through effective collaboration and planning.

The founder, Jeremy Berriault, has spent the better part of his professional career looking at new methodologies, management theories and incorporating them into every challenge in front of him.

For years he has seen organizations struggle with implementing change provided by outside organizations. The root cause of the poor implementations can let back to the start of the projects.

Unfortunately, for the most part, that success is short-lived as the organization will begin to fall back on the old ways and will be back at square one. This all too common scenario causes organizations headaches and will create obstacles to become innovative to get ahead of the competition.

His approach is to ensure the full value is achieved through extensive work with all stakeholders. He has done extensive research on merging Technology with the entire organization to become more productive, efficient, and above all else more innovative.

With his vision passion for helping others, we ensure the value we provide will continue to be with the organization after the work is complete.

We can help with: Agile Transformations, Fixing and Evolving Current Transformations
SDLC: Product Ownership, Quality Assurance
also troubled projects, ISO 9001 consultation/audit/Implementation, coaching

“There is always value to be
discovered. Let me help you find it.”
– Jeremy Berriault