Agility is needed to meet and exceed customer needs

by | Mar 16, 2020

87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience (Zendesk)

While 72% of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority, only 63% of marketers prioritize implementing technology investments that will help them reach this goal. (Forrester)

A 10% increase in a company’s customer satisfaction score leads to a 12% increase in trust from customers. Institute of Customer Service. (Institute of Customer Service)

Once a provider loses a customer, 68% of consumers will not go back. (Accenture)

The top five causes of project failure are:

  • Change in the organization’s priorities (39%)

  • Change in project objectives (37%)

  • Inaccurate requirements gathering (35%)

  • Inadequate vision (29%)

  • Poor communication (29%).

These are just a few stats that will keep senior leadership in organizations up at night. Customer satisfaction and loyalty have never been as critical now as it was before. Today John Doe can switch cell phone providers with relative ease now compared to 10-15 years ago. Jane Smith can switch banks and all financial assets to get a better deal with little to no stress.


Customer-Focused Purpose: The True North for Agile Organizations

by Mark Marone  |  March 10, 2020

Being an agile organization now to meet changes in the market or to get ahead of the competition is critical. Executives are rushing to get ahead of the curve. Although they are looking in the right direction path they are taking is long, windy and challenging to march through. Having the right framework in place to lead the way for the entire organization is what is needed.

Having the entire organization using Agile methods to get the work done will ensure that every employee and stakeholder will take on all challenges head-on and succeed. No longer will there be big firefight meetings, calls and emails going around, creating more confusion then solving issues. Teams will be able to adapt to any situation as effectively and efficiently as possible to get the job done.

Now senior leadership can focus more on the strategic side of the organization and leave the tactical component with the teams that can get it done. An agile organization is not about getting products and services done faster; it is about setting groups up and giving them the trust they deserve to get the work done with little interference.

Sleep well, senior leadership, your teams got this.

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