Whether two separate teams are handling the testing efforts for an application, Non-automated and Automated testers, or if there is a mix within a development team,, there must be constant communication between the two. How else will everyone know what was tested, how it was tested and what improvements in testing can be made to become more efficient?

In the end,, it is like a pitcher throwing a pitch that the catcher is unprepared for. Yes,, there is a possibility of the ball being caught,, yet there is a more substantial possibility that the ball will get away,, causing a stolen base,, or worse yet,, that it is the wrong pitch to send to the batter,, and they smack it out of the park. The pitcher and the catcher are a 1-2 team that makes things easier for the rest of the team. They communicate, relying on each other’s skills to get the job done as best as possible.

Non-automated and Automation testers are the same. Yes,,, there needs to be communication with the rest of the development team to complete the overall work. Yet without a strong link between these two,, it can be a long haul to get job across the finish line.

The automated team needs to see results and talk with the non-automated team to understand any nuances with the system or the data used. They cannot make assumptions that,, however,, it was done before with work again for anything new. That’s like the pitcher throwing in a fastball to a home run hitter that eats fastballs for snacks. Assuming one way is going to continue work without checking is going to cause roadblocks down the road.

On the non-automated side,, they cannot assume that the automated team will execute everything they need on every run. This would be the catcher thinking curve ball without signalling what the call is to the pitcher to the pitcher. Either the catcher gets hit or loses the ball. The risk of potential regression defect leaks is increased.

Regardless of the environment you are in: traditional, matrix or agile. The lines of communication must be open and flowing.


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