Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile

$170.00 CAD

Take the opportunity to start your journey of transformative teamwork with The Five Behaviors™. This dynamic solution isn’t just about individual growth but revolutionizing collaboration across your organization. By integrating Patrick Lencioni’s renowned model at the organizational level, we’re reshaping the essence of teamwork and collaboration.

Designed to empower individuals, The Five Behaviors™: Personal Development goes beyond team boundaries. Creating your profile can provide valuable information easily transferrable from one team to the next, fostering a culture of collaboration and synergy wherever you go.

No matter where you are in your organization, this program is key to unlocking your potential. Everyone can benefit from its transformative principles, from entry-level employees to top executives. Together, let’s shape behaviors, create a shared language, and redefine what it means to work together for unparalleled success.
PLEASE NOTE: Volume (minimum 5) discounts are available; please contact us directly for more information. All assessment access codes will be delivered via email, within 1 Business Day of your order.
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