Helping leadership with issues where another set of eyes is needed to help guide them through. We ensure we understand the problem and research all available options to improve value to the organization.

We focus on:

Technology organization improvements
Project assessments, mitigation, and change management
Technology strategy

ISO 9001 Programs

ISO 9001 is a valuable certification every organization should have. And maintain. Our ISO programs can help lead through an implementation, conduct internal audits for compliance, work with stakeholders on resolving NCR issues or go through an implementation program to succeed in achieving certification.Project/Program assessments. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help identify issues and help resolve them and get things back on track. Through the use of work product reviews, interviews, and research, we can provide feedback on projects and guide improvements.

Leadership without Authority

Being a leader is not an easy task, and it is even harder when you are in a role that has no authority with individuals you are trying to get work done. In most project work, this is a regular occurrence, and it can create obstacles or bottlenecks in the flow of work.

We have experience working with teams that previously had no appointed leader in a position of authority. A leader within projects that has no authority makes it difficult to delegate tasks, keep the team accountable and improve motivation. Without that direct line, people would take time to get things done or sometimes not follow through on what is being asked. Through education and experience, I have developed a proven skill that enhances leadership skills and creates a successful environment.

Our program is not just for those that are in leadership positions without authority; it is also for those leaders that are accountable for team members in a direct reporting relationship. There will be improved employee satisfaction, which will help with difficult conversations, such as performance issues and raises.

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