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What we provide in ensuring success for our clients is validated by achieving recognition in the industry.

Our services are different than any other. We review, assess, and work with teams to get the best path to agility. 

We take the entire Value Chain into consideration to find those hidden obstacles that can jump out at the worst time and cause headaches for everyone involved.

Our tailoring of training and coaching is what sets us apart. Agility is meant to be flowing and adaptable. We live by that to ensure success for everyone.

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What do you

Get with evolving agility training and coaching?

Concepts & Foundations – Outcome – Understanding of agile delivery – Removal of misconceptions – Agile leadership

Introduction to agile delivery

  • Perceptions of agile delivery

  • The Why of agile delivery

  • The What of agile delivery

  • Agile values
  • Agile project management

The Interaction of Why, How and What for agile delivery

  • The Golden circle

  • The interaction that glues it together for successful agile delivery

Leadership agility

  • Understand agile leadership

  • Actions and behaviours to be an agile leader

Giving what is needed to succeed

  • Ensuring teams have what they need

  • Focused on continuous improvement

  • Providing needs for a robust and agile infrastructure

Product/Service discovery

  • Understanding how to effectively use Roadmaps, Release plans, and Backlogs

  • Understand Needs and Wants

  • How to give customers what they need and keep them loyal


  • Creation of products/services

  • Understanding the drawbacks of not completing work effectively

  • Planning out deliveries in the best way for all stakeholders

Keeping it agile

  • Team performance

  • Confirming agile behaviours are consistent
  • “Walk the Talk”

Team success

  • Self-organizing teams

  • Team agreements

  • Retrospectives
  • High trust culture

For the live or live virtual courses

Throughout the course, the following additional topics on how they interact and connect with the different components will be a part of the discussions.

  • Agile Roles

  • Estimation

  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Agile Artifacts