What is the common theme in avoiding the destruction of organization agility?

by | Nov 20, 2020

Agility within organizations is not as easy as some think. There are pitfalls, traps, and obstacles that will get in the way if the focus strays.

Recently Angela Jaspers wrote 5 Culprits that Destroy Agility – and How to Overcome Them providing a good explanation of things that will cause those obstacles:

|1| Success

|2| Status quo

|3| Blinders

|4| Aversion to change

|5| Cultural attributes

Organizations will encounter a combination of a few, if not all, during their agile journey. Angela noted from a research study 8 factors needed for organizational agility:


  • Speed of decision-making

  • Trial tolerance

  • Empowerment

  • Technology adoption

  • Simplicity

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Innovation focus

With all of them, there is one common theme that ties them all together and avoids them. It is about “Being Agile.” Unfortunately, discussing the behaviors and finding the root of them are two separate things. Leaders will struggle to look at symptoms of the behaviors and miss what should be changed.

What can be done to find the root of the issues or understand how the team, department, or organization is fundamentally agile? A solid assessment that clearly identifies gaps will give what needs to continue doing and improve regardless of the methodology.

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