With the right behaviors anything can be done

by | Mar 3, 2020

Responding to change over following a plan – https://agilemanifesto.org/

Sometimes things are taken word for word so that it loses its meaning. In anything that we do, professionally or personally, there has to be some level of planning done to get to the right destination.

Even those sudden road trips or going to the airport to board a plane to anywhere, there must be some thought process to get it going.

Unfortunately, there are some organizations that feel planning is overrated. As Alessandro writes:

“Now, strategic planning has fallen out of favour. In the face of relentless technological change, disruptive forces in industry after industry, global competition, and so on, planning seems like pointless wishful thinking.”

Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile

by Alessandro Di Fiore


Yes, doing strategic planning is time-consuming and involves brain power to effectively get it done right when done in the typical fashion of a “once a year” session with executives to discuss over days. I have even been a part of these types of meetings or retreats to figure out what is going to be done for the next year.

It is this type of planning that hurts organizations that want to be agile. Alessandro goes into detail on how using the right behaviours and actions for senior management to align with how the rest of the organization uses agile development to produce products will improve the overall effectiveness to make quick adjustments when the market calls for it.

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